YouTuber Jake Paul Hit With $2.5 Million Lawsuit for Allegedly Damaging Rental Home

One of the Paul brothers has found himself in some deep water after allegedly leaving his past rental home completely trashed.

21-year-old YouTuber Jake Paul is making headlines again, and this time it's not for making excuses relating to his brother Logan Paul. The younger Paul brother is being sued after allegedly trashing a rental home he lived in from May 2016 to December 2017.

According to TMZ, Jake is being sued by Cobra Acquisitions, LLC, the company that owns the L.A. house that was left in awful condition upon moving out. The company says his tenancy during the year and a half he lived there resulted in substantial damages. The house, which he rented for $17,495 a month with a security deposit of $40,000, was left with burn marks in the pool, destroyed cabinets, and a garden area that had been completely neglected.

When the company first rented out the property to Jake, it's claimed he didn't explain what his job was. The YouTuber has been known to be reckless, frequently filming stunts in and around his house. The fire department also allegedly had to be called to the house a number of times while he was living there, and there were countless complaints from his neighbors. Cobra is asking for $2.5 million in damages, believing the $40,000 deposit will be insufficient to cover the costs.

In a statement to TMZ, a rep for Jake Paul said, "There's no allegation regarding the actual amount of damages other than the request for punitive damages. That's because the damages were minimal compared to the amount they're asking. They say they want punitive damages because they say they didn't know Jake would use the house for his pranks, but the original lease states it's for Jake's personal use."

The rep continued, "After more than a year, when they presumably would have known all about the pranks, instead of asking him to leave they raised the rent and increased the security deposit. Something doesn't add up."

YouTube has been developing a show with Jake Paul for its YouTube Red service. 

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