‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Teaser Reveals a New Starcourt Mall Location

It sounds like the third season of the hit Netflix series might not be arriving until next summer, and this newly released teaser hasn't made the wait for it any easier.

Stranger Things is undeniably one of Netflix's most valuable properties, so it makes a lot of sense that they'd be teasing the upcoming third season of the show way before it arrives. Earlier this year, the streaming giant confirmed that season three was in production, but now they've offered something a bit more tantalizing in the form of an actual teaser that reveals a new location.

The newly released promo focuses on the Starcourt Mall, which has just opened up in Hawkins, Indiana. The teaser doesn't give us much in the way of an idea for the plot of the next season, but it does show us where we can expect the entire crew to hang out when they aren't being attacked by demogorgon's from the Upside Down.

And yes, that was Steve Harrington dressed as a sailor. 

Unfortunately, the teaser does indicate that we won't be getting the new season later this year. Previous seasons of the show have premiered in July 2016 and October 2017, but the infomercial indicates that we might not be seeing more of Stranger Things until 2019.

The trailer also sees the debut of new character Robin, who is played by Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter Maya Hawke. Stood alongside Steve in the food court's ice cream shop Scoops Ahoy, she doesn't appear to be all that excited by the prospect of starring in a commercial.

As Deadline reports, Robin will be introduced to the mysterious supernatural ongoings of Hawkins when she uncovers a "dark secret." While we don't exactly know what that means, considering what's been uncovered in Hawkins so far it can't be all that friendly.

Season three of Stranger Things doesn't have a release date right now, but is expected to arrive by next summer at the latest.

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