Steve-O and Chris Pontius Face $12 Million Lawsuit Over Jet Ski Stunt Injury as Video Surfaces of Incident

On Tuesday, a man filed a lawsuit against 'Jackass' stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius over their involvement in a jet ski stunt that left him with a head injury.

A man has filed a lawsuit against Jackass stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius over their involvement in a jet ski stunt that left him with a head injury.

Per TMZ, Michael Vicens-Segura filed a lawsuit against the duo, who also starred together in Wildboyz, due to the bloody injury their stunt allegedly caused. He said the two came to him in 2018 in Puerto Rico, and was asked to help them achieve a sort of jet ski tug-of-war involving a bungee cord. The two, facing opposite directions, were to drive their jet skis off to see who would be pulled off first.

In his suit, Vincens-Segura noted that they previously did a similar stunt in Jackass: the Movie, but that involved a BMX instead. When it came to filming the jet ski skit, Vicens-Segura held one of the vehicles steady before the two drove off. When that happened, it allegedly caused a harness that was attached to Steveo-O’s back to snap off and strike him in the side of the head.

As a result of the injury, he said he was taken to hospital by helicopter for emergency surgery. He claims he suffered a fractured skull and brain bleeding, which led to him being placed in a medically induced coma. He is seeking $12 million in damages, and said he still experiences pain due to the injuries he sustained in the incident.

On Wednesday, TMZ shared footage of the stunt in question. In it, you can see that Vicens-Segura expresses the pain he felt in the immediate aftermath, and even showcases the bloodied side of his face for the camera.

“We provide this video looking for witnesses and people who know about the creation and execution of this stunt. If you have information, please contact us.” said his attorney, John Phillips. It is unclear what the stunt was filmed for, but early production for Jackass Forever only started officially in late 2019.

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