San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Has Been Canceled Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is the latest large scale event to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

San Diego Comic Con 2019

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San Diego Comic Con 2019

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is the latest large scale event to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The huge four-day pop culture event was originally scheduled for July 23-26, but with no clear end date for COVID-19 concerns, SDCC made the decision to cancel the convention.

"Recognizing that countless attendees save and plan for its conventions each year, and how many exhibitors and stakeholders rely upon its events for a major portion of their livelihood, [officials] had hoped to delay this decision in anticipation that COVID-19 concerns might lessen by summer," said San Diego Comic-Con said in a statement on its website. "Continuous monitoring of health advisories and recent statements by the governor of California have made it clear that it would not be safe to move forward with plans for this year." 

San Diego Comic-Con is scheduled to return in 2021 on July 22, and those with badges to the now-canceled 2020 event will have the option to get a refund or transfer their badges to Comic-Con '21. All hotel reservations booked through onPeak, which is Comic-Con's hotel affiliate, will be canceled and refunded. The news comes a month after Comic-Con postponed WonderCon Anaheim, which was originally set to take place on April 10-12. 

"Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and while we are saddened to take this action, we know it is the right decision,” said Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer. “We eagerly look forward to the time when we can all meet again and share in the community we all love and enjoy.” 

See what folks on Twitter, including Kevin Smith, had to say about the news below.

For the first time in 50 years, Comic-Con has been Comic-Canceled. I understand it. I even agree with it. But it still sucks. Maybe everyone can just come over my house instead? It’s no Hall H but I can get pizzas and we can speculate on Phase 4 flicks while sitting spaced apart.

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) April 17, 2020

The 50th annual San Diego Comic-Con has been officially cancelled - a first in the prestigious event’s history.

Although disappointing, this is an inevitable and necessary decision. Though #SDCC may have folded this year, here’s hoping it goes all in for its return in 2021!

— The Louds (@LoudRamblings) April 17, 2020

Super bummed that #SDCC is canceled, but ultimately, it is for the best. I can't wait to celebrate comics, cosplay, movies and more with y'all next year! 💛

And in the meantime, this gives me another year to work on my "Web-Slinger Spider Gwen" Cosplay 🤠🕷️🤍

— Emily Rose ✨ (@Frankly_Emily) April 17, 2020

This is 100% the right thing to do. Also, would any networks or studios actually have things to promote by then? #SDCC

— Lesley Goldberg (@Snoodit) April 17, 2020

FYI there are plans for SDCC to do a Comic-Con @ home with special guests and invitees. I am of glass half full that they still have some cool surprises coming.

— Daniel Kennedy (@DanielKennedyDK) April 17, 2020

With Comic-Con finally being cancelled I hope Anime Expo finally accepts they’re not above this virus. They cram way too many people with terrible hygiene into LACC already. If it really goes on this year, people are gonna die. Just cut your losses and cancel already.

— panda 🐼 (@_pandacoffee_) April 17, 2020

This year was going to be my first ever Comic-Con, it breaks my teeny heart

— dominic hernandez 🇲🇽 (@dom_solo) April 17, 2020

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