Nintendo Just Discontinued the 3DS and Fans Are in Mourning

After almost a decade on the market, Nintendo has discontinued the 3DS and its extended family of handheld gaming consoles.


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After almost a decade on the market, Nintendo has discontinued the 3DS and its extended family of handheld gaming consoles. 

The news was quietly announced via the gaming giant's official Japanese website, with each model of the 3DS listing their status as "out of production." Curiously, the American Nintendo site has seemingly gotten rid of any mention of the 3DS, too, as the Verge pointed out. 

Initially introduced in early 2011, the Nintendo 3DS saw a number of revisions over its lifetime. Some of the newer models included the 3DS XL, the 2DS, the New Nintendo 3DS, the New 3DS XL, and the New 2DS XL. Despite poor sales in its launch year, the system eventually grew to have a sizable game library and Nintendo shipped over 75 million units in just over nine years. 

Nintendo's focus these days is entirely on the Switch, which has continued to do well for the company. As of the end of June, Nintendo had shipped more than 61 million Switch consoles worldwide. If the newer system keeps up that momentum, it could overtake the 3DS by the end of the year.

Fans of the 3DS mourned the discontinuation on Twitter, paying respects to one of the most beloved handhelds ever produced.

Nintendo is finally ending production of the 3DS. You had a good run little buddy, we'll treasure you always. 😢

— PokéJungle: Gen IX (@pokejungle) September 17, 2020

just found out the 3ds got discontinued. those fuckers better not shut down the eshop or i'm declaring war.

— thirty-thousand ferns (@LuckyLynx1) September 17, 2020

As of today, by ceasing production of the 3DS, the Nintendo DS line has finally drawn to a close.

16 years since I woke up on Christmas Day in 2004 to receive the First Gen. I was 11 years old.

I can’t imagine how many hours I put into these handhelds.

So long, partner. 😔✊

— hungrybox (@LiquidHbox) September 17, 2020

Nintendo has just officially ended the Nintendo 3DS. This handheld system means A LOT to me in so many ways. It was first video game system I bought since it launch in 2011 and helds some of the best games ever made.

This truly marks an end of an era for Nintendo.

— Crimson Mayhem (@Crimson_Mayhem_) September 17, 2020

The 3DS family system has ended.....

— SW🍜 (@RealSWOfficial) September 17, 2020

They discontinued the 3DS....

— Kon Sweetard (@16x55) September 17, 2020

just heard the 3DS was discontinued. i got mine for christmas of 2011. so long old friend, we had a lot of good times together

— ItJulien (@itjulienn) September 17, 2020

Just found out that Nintendo has discontinued the 3ds family... that's another part of my childhood gone. I have 2 (one is broken but still functions) that I have had since 2012.

2020 is not a good year.

— SlyFearless (@SlyFearless) September 17, 2020

“Nintendo canceling production for the 3ds line”

— SrNibb (@SrNibb) September 17, 2020

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