Can Lupita Nyong'o Just Never Stop Making Michael B. Jordan Do Push-Ups?

The 'Black Panther' stars seem to be having a lot of fun on their press tour.

UPDATED 2/19/18 11:18 p.m. ET:  Hours after Lupita Nyong'o posted a video of him doing push-ups, Michael B. Jordan came back with a tweet of his own. "Bring them chocolate cakes back," said the since-deleted tweet. Of course, he wasn't really shooting his shot: Jordan was taking part in MTV's SafeWord. Karrueche Tran also directed a similarly thirsty tweet to Quavo over the weekend.

Aight y’all know wassup lmao 🤦🏾‍♂️ playing #safeword with @SteeloBrim who doesn’t care about life and took the L hahaa

Original story is below.

Black Panther fans have noticed that Lupita Nyong'o has been toying with her co-star Michael B. Jordan on their press tour, continually demanding he do push-ups. As Mashable notes, the push-ups all started when Jordan made an undisclosed bet with Nyong'o, and that if he lost she'd be able to get him to do push-ups at any time she pleases. Even better, though, is that she's been choosing the most inopportune times to demand them, and she's even started documenting them on social media, too.

One of the times she asked him to do some, however, she didn't need to whip out her phone to record it. During a live panel discussion about Black Panther that streamed on Twitter, she interrupted the conversation to ask him to some right there on stage. She also took a moment to punish him again during New York Fashion Week, asking of him a single push-up on the floor of the Calvin Klein show. "She's brutal," he says right before jumping to the floor. "Never bet with her ever."

Her most recent video is even better, though, ambushing him while he was getting ready in the green room of The View. "How many would you like," he asks. "I wanna do one now, and we'll see about the rest." She straight-up pushes her luck when she hilariously tells her to stay down, though.

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