Watch Kai Cenat and Lil Yachty in the Trailer for Buddy Cop Short Film ‘Global Pursuit'

The first look at the project has already garnered comparisons to 'Rush Hour.'

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Streaming superstar Kai Cenat has a big treat on the way for fans.

On his YouTube account and on Twitter, Cenat shared a trailer for Global Pursuit, a buddy cop comedy starring himself and one of his biggest fans, Ray. The two met in person for the first time during Cenat's recent trip to Japan, and they've clearly hit it off big-time if they've already teamed up for a short film.

The trailer shows the chemistry between the two, which has already garnered comparisons to Rush Hour starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. The trailer also features a cameo from Lil Yachty, who appeared in one of Cenat's streams earlier this year.

Some fans favorably compared the trailer to Rush Hour, while others suggested it looked more like a bootleg copy. Regardless, it seems as though Cenat and Ray had a blast making the thing.

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The arrival of the trailer comes not long after Cenat was taken into police custody after a promoted giveaway on Twitch turned into chaos in the streets of New York City. He was promptly charged with two counts of inciting a riot, unlawful assembly, and various other charges after a huge crowd filled up Union Square. Some big names jumped online to defend the streamer, including Offset who criticized the NYPD for arresting Cenat for "giving back to his fans."

In a stream earlier this month, he broke his silence on the matter and discussed the incident in detail. “I’m still taking this whole thing in right now… This is fucking insane,” he said. “Being from New York… it has been my dream to wanna give back to the community who made me who I am.”

Cenat explained that he was "disappointed" over how it all went down, but it also taught him just how much power and influence he has over his fans. “I am beyond disappointed at anybody who became destructive that day," he added. "That shit is not cool. None of that is cool, bro. I’m beyond disappointed in the things that went on on Friday, and I want people to know that. None of that was my intentions, bro. Not only that, I don’t condone any of things that went on, none of that is cool.”

'Global Pursuit' hits YouTube this Friday. Watch the trailer up top.

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