Movie producer Dillon Jordan was arrested on Thursday following allegations he utilized his PaperChase Films production company as a front for an international prostitution ring.

As Variety reports, Jordan was indicted on prostitution and money laundering charges last month, and he was arrested this week after the indictment was unsealed. Jordan served as a producer on award-winning films such as 2018’s The Kindergarten Teacher, and Skin from the same year. Per the indictment, Jordan allegedly ran a prostitution ring from around 2010 to May 2017, although he founded PaperChase films in 2013. 

Court papers allege that the 49-year-old utilized his production company and another California-based company specializing in event-planning to launder money from the prostitution ring. Using accounts in the name of these two companies, he allegedly collected payments and paid for expenses related to the operation including arranging travel for women to meet clients across the country. These were described as “modeling fees,” “appearance fees,” “consulting fees,” and “house party fees.” 

“As alleged, for years, Dillon Jordan operated an extensive and far-reaching prostitution business, using a purported event planning company and a movie production company to conceal the proceeds he made from exploiting women,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss in a statement. “Now the party is over and the film is a wrap.”

The indictment additionally claims Jordan worked with a “madam” from the United Kingdom, providing access to clients and prostitutes.

Jordan and his team have yet to share any statements on the allegations.