Cuba Gooding Jr. Is Facing Groping Accusations From 30 Women, Prosecutors Say (UPDATE)

As Cuba Gooding Jr.'s groping case continues in Manhattan, prosecutors have indicated that 30 women have come forward with accusations against him.

cuba gooding jr

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cuba gooding jr

UPDATED 8/18, 7:09 p.m. ET: Cuba Gooding Jr. has now been accused of raping a woman twice in 2013.

According to legal documents obtained by Page Six, the alleged assault took place in a Mercer Hotel room in SoHo after the accuser had met the actor in the VIP section of a Greenwich Village lounge. The suit states Gooding invited the woman to the hotel for some drinks, and then asked if they could go to his room so he could change his clothes. The woman claimed shortly after they arrived to his room, Gooding began playing music and began getting undressed in front of her. She allegedly told Gooding she wanted to leave and go to the bar; however, he ignored her wishes and proceeded to assault her.

"Plaintiff was wearing a halter top dress that evening. Defendant finished taking off his clothes (he was now completely naked) and forcibly and without consent put one hand in her halter top to touch Plaintiff’s breasts and one hand up her dress," the lawsuit read, as reported by Page Six.

According to the suit, the woman repeatedly told Gooding "no" as he groped her. The actor then allegedly raped her vaginally and anally. Following the incident, the plaintiff "hurriedly left the hotel room" to meet a friend downstairs, the court papers state.

The accuser is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.

Gooding's attorney Mark Jay Heller denies the accusations.

"The allegations are completely false and perjurious," Heller said in a statement to FOX News. "In fact, the defendant was never served with a complaint setting forth the allegations, which purportedly are seven years old ..."

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As Cuba Gooding Jr.'s groping case continues in Manhattan, prosecutors have indicated that 30 women have come forward with accusations against him.

CNN reports that Gooding, who is facing three counts of forcible touching and three counts of sex abuse to the third degree, has denied all the allegations made against him so far. During a court session on Thursday, it was revealed that more women came forward with accusations of unwanted touching by him. He was originally accused of groping three different women at bars in Manhattan in 2018 and 2019, and in the months that followed the number of women who have publicly accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior has continued to increase.

Gooding's attorney Peter Toumbekis has argued in court that he should be able to question the women who accused Gooding, proposing questions about personal trauma regarding childhood abuse. He added that he would like to ask another victim about a statement she shared about her breast size, suggesting her own negative feelings about herself could have impacted how she perceived the situation with Gooding. 

"Do you intend to ask the witness what she feels about the size of her breasts?" asked Judge Curtis Farber on Thursday. "I do," replied Toumbekis. Assistant district attorney Jenna Long called the line of questioning, "Simply offensive," Vulture reports. "Tell me the connection between the size of her breasts and the relevance at trial," Farber added, to which Toumbekis said, "She actually talks about the fact that she's self-conscious about her breast size." He proceeded to call the questions "fair."

Another question Toumbekis suggested he would like to ask an accuser is over their alleged interest in threesomes, and open relationships. Farber said the defense could ask such questions, but only if they were actually relevant to the case at hand. Gooding's trial was originally scheduled to begin back in April, but it received a significant delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. The next hearing is set for Sept. 1, and if found guilty Gooding could face up to a year behind bars.

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