‘Black Panther’ Director on Why Donald and Stephen Glover Got a Thank You in the Credits

They took time out of working on the second season of 'Atlanta' to help director Ryan Coogler out.

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The latest film in Marvel's cinematic universe, Black Panther, has already received rave reviews, getting a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. It hasn't even debuted in cinemas yet, and it's already breaking records, too. It's safe to say it's going to be worth the wait. Collider's eagle-eyed Steve Weintraub noticed something interesting in the credits during a screening of the film, too, so when he sat down with the film's director Ryan Coogler he didn't miss the chance to ask about it.

Both Donald and Stephen Glover appear as thank yous in the film's credits, and despite their busy schedule working on the second season of Atlanta at the time, they actually contributed to the film before filming started. "Donald and Stephen actually gave me notes on a draft," he explained. "They came in and read the draft. Right before we started the shoot, and they had some cool insight."

When asked if he maybe any changes based on their notes, he responded, "It wasn't that kind of a thing where it was 'change this, change that.' We were looking at ways to add a few more character things with specifically Shuri, where she pokes fun at her brother. Donald's one of the funniest people that I know, so he had some interesting ideas, and Stephen's crazy talented as well."

Black Panther hits theaters February, but you can stream the Kendrick Lamar-produced soundtrack album now.

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