Perez Hilton Says He's a Better Person, but Can You Trust the Internet's Original Troll?

On the rocky road to respectability with the Web’s most controversial and contemptible celebrity gossip blogger.

“Bring ’em in!” shouts Jenny McCarthy, summoning a pair of male strippers into the studio where she’s broadcasting her SiriusXM show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny. It’s 11 a.m. on a Monday—a bit early for strippers—but this is satellite radio. Unlike her previous gig on The View, the series allows her to talk about her real interests, like exhibitionism and stimulating the prostate during oral sex. And, because Perez Hilton is co-hosting and it’s his 37th birthday, to have a couple beefcakes come in to grind on him.

The first stripper, a stocky, Eastern European guy wearing aviators and dressed vaguely like G.I. Joe, enters slowly while Rihanna’s “Cake” plays. He gyrates and tries to look sexy while ripping off his white beater, but it’d be generous to say he has any rhythm. The second guy comes in with a little more energy and no costume—all thong and dong. In no time, McCarthy’s small studio, which she shares with a Catholic radio talk show, has turned into a private room at Chippendale’s, and Hilton is getting a face full of bulge. For as flamboyant and extroverted as the celebrity blogger appears at almost all times—in person, on Twitter, during TV appearances, in his video blogs—the strippers render Hilton shy. “Oh my God, they’re touching my nipples,” he gasps as the two men crawl all over him and the swivel office chair he’s sitting in.


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