Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Reportedly Having a Boy

He will have an easy life, but not a Yeezy life.

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Is North West about to be a big sister to a baby boy? That's what Us Weekly is reporting today, as sources say that Kanye West specifically is "overjoyed" to be having a son. In fact, these sources literally say that Kanye's life is complete because he now has an "heir." 

Kim Kardashian, who has reportedly "always wanted two kids... a girl and a boy," announced her second pregnancy at the tail end of the Season 10 mid-season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on May 31. According to reports, Kimmy got pregnant in March, and is expecting to give birth in December.

And as for this kid, Kanye basically already described what he will be like in "New Day." Among other things, this kid—who will definitely NOT be named South, so stop making that joke—will:

  • Never have an ego

  • Be nice to everyone, wherever he goes

  • Maybe be a Republican

  • Not have a Yeezy life

  • Not be a frequent customer of strip clubs

Sounds dope.

UPDATE: For the record, Kim herself says nothing has been confirmed, and this report is merely a rumor:

And thus, the circle of a Kim Kardashian news story is complete.

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