Check Out the New Dinosaur-Sized Trailer for 'Jurassic World'

This trailer is huge.

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Listen to Chris Pratt, everyone: the gigantic, genetically-mutated dinosaurs are coming. 

Completing the trifecta of enormously important trailers (Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v. Superman before this), a new, nearly three-minute long trailer for Jurassic World just dropped, and it might be the dopest of all three movies.

The trailer begins with Pratt mansplaining the psyche of Jurassic World's dinosaurs, while simultaneously training a few of them. He's very cool about it, but at the same time he's somehow the only one who's all, "Maybe we shouldn't be creating new, more deadly dinosaurs 'cause they really wanna kill us lolololol."

And from there shit goes absolutely BONKERS. This is the most explosive trailer for Jurassic World we've seen yet. Watch it and indulge above.

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