"Deadpool" Test Footage Starring Ryan Reynolds Leaks

Test footage from "Deadpool," a prospective superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds leaked online, proving just how awesome a full movie could be.

Courtesy of Destructoid

This is pretty awesome, but it's also horribly bittersweet. Deadpool, a hard R-rated superhero movie, has been in development for years but has never gotten a green light despite fan demand—and what appears to be some great test footage.

Some of that footage leaked today, with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The clip, though low quality, confirmed what many suspected, that though Reynolds hasn't been able to carry a superhero vehicle yet, he'd be able to kill it in the spotlight as the foul-mouthed, katana-waving mercenary. 

It's fun as hell to see this test footage, but at the same time it's a tough reminder that Deadpool still hasn't gotten a green light. Hopefully now that fans have seen what could be, their roar will be too loud for studios to ignore.

20th Century Fox has removed the test footage from YouTube, but you can still see it here (probably not for long though, so hurry up).

[via io9]

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