We Broke Down the Funniest Episode of "Broad City" Yet (With GIFs)

Last night, "Broad City" was funnier than ever.

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The hilarious stars and creators of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, have never been bigger (peep our feature story), and last night, they aired the funniest episode of their series to date—an outrageous trip centered around Abbi getting her wisdom teeth out and her subsequent drug-induced freakout. It was like "David After Dentist" times a trillion.

The comedic duo has probably released smarter episodes—"Pu$$y Weed" and "Stolen Phone" come to mind—but I've never laughed out loud more than during "Wisdom Teeth" last night. To keep that feeling going (not unlike Abbi's extended trip) I recapped the episode with a handful of wondrous GIFs. We all deserve this.

Let's start as the episode does, with Ilana contorting her body—with some assistance—as a nude model:


From posing in her birthday suit to shepherding her friend to the dentist, Ilana holds nothing back. Just as Abbi starts to drift into a nitrous haze, Ilana continues gives her a "nice" goodbye: "Bye Abbi! I'll see you when you wake up! And if you don't wake up I'll still see you because I'm going to kill myself and meet you in heaven or whatever!"


And then, Abbi trips. HARD.


Remember what I said? This shit is "David After Dentist" on a trillion:


And it only gets weirder after Ilana gives her too much Vicodin...


... and then bakes her some firecrackers (those things that Ilana and Abbi were on when "that dude jerked off on your pocketbook in Bryant Park"):


Loaded on nitrous, Vicodin, and an unreasonable amount of edibles, Abbi—in clown makeup via Ilana—ventures into the outside world. She's accompanied by her stuffed animal. He had become life-size, on account of the drugs:


Bingo Bronson, the stuffed animal, brings Abbi to the Brooklyn Whole Foods ("The neighborhood's really changed. It's a whole new Gowanus," Bingo explains), where he makes Abbi buy pretty much everything in the store, and wreak a little havoc on the earth-friendly cereals:



And finally, when Ilana shows up at Whole Foods and Bingo Bronson runs away, Abbi tries to hit him with a Manuka Honey Hail Mary. She nails a Brooklyn yuppie mom's ankle instead:


The end. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch this episode for like the fifth time in 12 hours.

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