Ansel Elgort Is the Biggest Accidental Douchebag

Ansel's probably a totally fine person, but he sounds awful in interviews.


We all know Ansel Elgort. He's the son of the wealthy, famous photographer who stars in all those movies the kids are into. He made girls cry in The Fault in Our Stars, tripled down with the Insurgent series, and played a teen addicted to video games in the not-very-good Men, Women & Children, so chances are you're pretty aware of who he is.

What you may not know about Ansel though is that he quite possibly gives the douchiest interviews ever—and boy does he give them a lot. In nearly all of his interviews, Ansel tries so hard to be nonchalant, down to earth, and most importantly, a non-threatening champion of women that he ends up being the exact opposite. It's like watching an endless loop of the clip from Good Will Hunting when Matt Damon tells Robin Williams, "I have been laid, you know. BIG time." Except it's in text form.

The thing is, I bet Ansel's a totally fine person. He's probably like any other 21-year-old from New York City, which is to say still pretty shitty, but not exceptionally shitty. In interviews, though? Damn. He sounds like he's THE WORST. Here are some a ton of examples:

Ansel on How Awesome He Is

Ansel on His Totally Chill Dad

Ansel on Being a DJ

Ansel on Being Teased by a Writer

The Quote:


The Interview: Just Twitter

For full context, this was Ansel's response to this piece, in which Grantland's Chris Ryan spent 300 words making fun of the hat Ansel wore to a Knicks game. This tweet is like that time you were 13 and someone at summer camp made fun of you so you went to the head counselor… and then you realized tattling was just going to make lights out worse for you.

Ansel on Giving Gifts

Ansel on Being Lowkey Rapey

Ansel on Bomb-Ass Girls

Ansel on the Virtue of Sweat

Ansel on Totally Not Caring About Fame

Ansel on How Unfuckable Shailene Woodley Is

Ansel on Losing His Virginity at 14

Ansel on Playing Basketball Against an Overweight 48-Year-Old

Ansel on Stupid Nightclubs

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