Singer Hayley Kiyoko Hears Untold Stories About Her Family Odyssey

Watch singer Hayley Kiyoko listen to untold stories about her grandmother while cooking her family's Sushi Dai CK recipe in Hennessy X.O.‘s ’Original Odyssey.'

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Getting to know your parents as an adult can be an enlightening experience. Despite being raised by them, there are still things you only discover once you become of age. For singer-songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko those realizations and more come to light in episode 3 of Hennessy X.O.’s Original Odyssey

As Hayley sets up the kitchen to help her mother, Sarah Kawahara, create Sushi Dai (CK CHECK SPELLING AND NAME OF RECIPE), a family recipe passed down for generations, Hayley is eager to learn of her mother’s hopes for her: “Is this what you expected me to be?”

In the video, Kawahara details the familial cooking tradition and shares an untold story about the singer’s grandmother. But outside of the kitchen, Hayley loves that she and her parents can share their love of art together. And she thanks her mom for teaching her that “you have to get to the lows to get to the highs.”

Watch Hayley and her mother peel back the layers of their family odyssey above. Kanpai (cheers)!

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