To further its commitment to the growth, education, and awareness of Asian and Asian-American Pacific Islander [AAPI] cultures and communities, Hennessy X.O. launched Original Odyssey. The series is dedicated to highlighting the familial stories, achievements, and tales of cultural identity through the eyes of AAPI entertainers and influencers. This includes candid and empowering conversations about family history traditions while strengthening the bond between generations over a home cooked meal with Hennessy X.O.

In episode one of Original Odyssey, actor Henry Golding and his wife, Liv Lo, move about the kitchen, preparing a traditional Southeast Asian dish. Golding explains the importance of their meal choice for the night—Bak Kut Teh (pork-rib soup)—and why this delicacy has had so much meaning for him since he was a child. The Malaysian-born actor goes on to share personal memories about the cultural significance of food as a whole, his childhood, and his mother.

While on the topic of motherhood, Lo tells explains that being a mother was her “becoming” moment as a person. And like her husband, Lo wants their lives to evolve and further their legacy while they raise their daughter for the future.

Get to know Golding and Lo through this personal conversation, and why continuing your odyssey is something money can’t buy.