Tina Fey Reveals She Was an IRL Mean Girl in High School

We're just glad her mean girl days are over, and that she turned it into a hilarious movie.

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Funny girl Tina Fey wasn't always funny. She wasn't even the-girl-next-door. In high school, Fey was the Regina George (you read that right). Our Liz Lemon, and favoriteSaturday Night Livecomedian wasn't always nice. She revealed in an interview with Net-A-Porter that she was the "mean girl" of her high school.

Like Liz Lemon would say, "I'm gonna go talk to some food about this." And while we all go through many phases in adolescence and deal with high school differently, Fey admits, "That was a disease that had to be conquered. It's another coping mechanism–it's a bad coping mechanism–but when you feel less than (in high school, everyone feels less than everyone else for different reasons), in your mind it's a way of leveling the playing field."

The Sisters actress has always been vocal about sisterhood and being a strong, independent woman. She did write a book titled Bossypants. In her recent interview with Net-A-Porter, Fey reveals she would be terrified to meet a high school girl with her old personality traits. "If I met a girl of 14 or 15 today who is that kind of girl, I am secretly, in my body, afraid. Even though I'm 45." We're just glad her mean girl days are over, and that she used parts of her experience to turn it into a hilarious movie.

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