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Tina Fey and Kurt Russell are proof that pretty much everyone grows up a Star Wars fan. It turns out Russell even auditioned for the movie, both as a softer version of Harrison Ford's badass Han Solo and as Luke Skywalker. As for Fey, she dresses up as Princess Leia pretty much every chance she gets, both on 30 Rock and off. 

So it was fitting that, when British talk show host Graham Norton had both Fey and Russell on as guests, he brought the topic around to Star Wars. Both Russell and Fey discussed their fandom before Norton got to the point: "Imagine a version of Star Wars that was never made where you're Princess Leia and you're Han Solo. Do the 'I love you' line." Fey rolls up his hair, Russell straightens his tie, and they do. "I love you," says Fey in a strong, sure voice, staring deeply into Russell's eyes. Russell licks his lips, cocks his head, and says in a delightfully self-assured Han Solo impression, "I know."

And then Josh Widdicombe comes in as Chewbacca.