Air France Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Bomb Hoax

Fortunately, everyone on the plane made it out safely.

Image via Allen Watkin

On Sunday an Air France plane flying from East Africa to Paris was forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya after a passenger noticed a suspicious device in the bathroom. Fortunately, after it was discovered and inspected, it turned out to be a "false alarm." 

The CEO of Air France, Frederic Gagey, announced that the bomb scare was a hoax and confirmed that the suspicious box "did not contain explosives." The odd box, which was made out cardboard, sheets of paper, and a timer, was discovered around midnight, according to Associated Press.

"The device was hidden in a lavatory cabinet behind a mirror where it was apparently placed during the approximately 11-hour flight to Paris from the island of Mauritius," Gagey toldAssociated Press. Since the tragic Paris attacks, Gagey revealed the airline has had "heightened security checks."

According to Death and Taxes, six passengers are being questioned by the Kenyan police, including the person who discovered the device and reported it. Death and Taxes also notes that 459 passengers and 14 crew members were boarded on the plane. Fortunately, everyone on the plane made it out without any injury.

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