Taraji P. Henson's 'What Men Want' Gets Raunchy Red Band Trailer

It's exactly as gross as you'd imagined.

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We pretty much knew what we were getting when Paramount announced What Men Wanta gender-swapped What Women Wantremake where Taraji P. Henson can hear the thoughts of the men at the sports agency where she works. But just in case you were still curious about the direction of the rebooted Nancy Meyers flick, the raunchy new Red Band trailer leaves little doubt. 

In the reimagining of the 2000 Mel Gibson movie, Henson works in an office full of hooting bros. She gains the ability to hear their thoughts after taking a nasty knock on the head. (Gibson, you'll remember, electrocuted himself while trying women's products,) The rest of the movie wrings humor out of the outright disgusting thoughts of her co-workers, the nervous inner rantings of her assistant and the sweet thoughts of her love interest (played by Leverage's Aldis Hodge). 

In addition to Henson and Hodge, the cast includes Shaquille O'Neal, Tracy Morgan, Pete Davidson and Erykah Badu. The SNL star plays against type as an aggressive agency member who threatens to do some awful things in the trailer, while Badu plays an eccentric psychic.  

The story comes from ATL's Tina Gordon Chism and This Is Us Jas Waters, and was directed by A Walk To Remember's Adam Shankman. And honestly, the whole thing might be worth it just for the Black Panther joke that closes out the trailer. If that's any indication of what the rest of the film has to offer, then it might answer all the folks wondering why this not particularly well-remembered movie got a remake.   

What Men Want hits theaters on February 8, 2019. Watch the red band trailer above. 

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