Scott Derrickson Signs on to Direct 'Doctor Strange 2'

Looks like Stephen Strange is coming out the other side of 'Endgame.'

doctor strange

Image via Getty/Matthias Nareyek

doctor strange

Things don't look good for the Marvelites who didn't go full Kansas at the end of Infinity War. The new trailer for Avengers: Endgame painted a bleak image of the entire MCU, but that doesn't mean the entire (cinematic) world is coming to an end. 

Marvel has money to make and it seems like Doctor Strange will be a part of that minting future.  The Hollywood Reporter shares that Scott Derrickson is returning to direct Doctor Strange 2, a sequel that's coming in spite of the fact that Stephen Strange was last seen turning into nothingness via the world's most-devastating snap. 

Marvel has kept a tight lid on everything coming post-Endgame to hide who lives, who dies and whose story they are going to tell. But Cumberbitches — are they still a thing? — can take heart in the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch will be back as well. 

THR reports that the team behind DS2 hopes to get the script together in 2019 and start production in 2020. If that all goes according to plan, Strange will be back on screens in 2021. Derrickson directed and co-wrote the original, but Marvel is searching for a writer to take on his second stand-alone film.

While Strange's future seems to be set, Robert Downey, Jr. and his turn as Tony Stark appears to be over. The record-breaking Endgame trailer showed him running out of oxygen in deep space, which led internet types to plead with NASA for some sort of interstellar intervention.   

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