New Supercut Connects Marvel Action Scenes Into One Superpowered Fight

Watch all of your favorite Marvel heroes have it out in this impressive montage.

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One of the big complaints about modern action setpieces is that they are hard to follow. The capability of CGI to place superheroes anywhere leads to disjointed scenes where the combatants come across as being nowhere. It can be hard to get your bearings in a poorly put-together space alien brawl and that makes this supercut from YouTube user Gugga Leunnam all the more impressive. They have cut down the fight scenes of the late Avengers movies into their component parts and stitched them back together into one long supercut of continously flowing Marvel action.

The clip follows punches, slashes, kicks, or energy blasts into an entirely different scene, using any movement of the camera as cover for a quick edit. Given how easily this could have gone off the rails, how easy it is to get lost in a jumble of in-camera geography, it's impressive that the fan-made short never loses the viewer along the way. The film's action follows along clear lines that are constantly shifting but never hard to make out and the end result is incredibly fun to watch. 

That they are so good at creating this ride-along, 4D theater type experience shouldn't be too surprising. Gugga Leunnam has been making these supercuts for a minute now and this latest is their third installment of the series. 

"Open your eye and enjoy the ride! I've been making this since I dropped Vol. 2," they wrote. "It took a long time, but I got Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame in Blu-Ray now." 

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