'Love Is Blind’ Contestant Responds to Accusation That He Applied to the Show While Engaged

Jeramey Lutinski claims that footage of him discussing his prior engagement did not make the cut on the sixth season of the hit dating show.

Text on a board reads "NETFLIX LOVE IS BLIND" with blurred background
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Text on a board reads "NETFLIX LOVE IS BLIND" with blurred background

A Love is Blind contestant is addressing viral allegations about his relationship status before joining the show.

Jeramey Lutinski, 32, is part of the latest crop of singles to join the sixth season of the hit Netflix dating show. Minor spoiler alert: Lutinski gets engaged to fellow contestant Laura Dadisman on the show and, so far, the show has been chronicling their journey to the altar.

However, Lutinski’s alleged former ex-fiancée Brittani Mcliverty, and her mother, Jenni, claim the couple were still together when he applied to be on the show.

“Someone was engaged and living with someone when applying for this,” Jenni posted in a private Facebook fan group, per a screenshot from TMZ, along with a photo of the couple.

Mcliverty added more fuel to the accusation by posting comments under a photo of Dadisman on Instagram, writing, “Did he ever tell you about his ex fiancé from right before you? Surely not... or the house WE sold a week or two before he filmed for this show? just want all the info out there. You and Sarah Ann should know. I'm happy to share proof … Peep the video of Layla and him in the snow on his Instagram. That was at our house and that's me recording the video and talking.” 

Image of a social media post featuring a woman with blonde hair. Comments discuss a video and past relationship

Lutinski spoke out about Mcliverty’s claims in a new video uploaded to his Instagram on Friday.

“I want to quickly address the story that’s going around about my previous engagement prior to Love is Blind. One, anybody that I was on dates with, my castmates and in multiple interviews, this topic was discussed. Nobody is surprised by this. It was something that was well documented,” he said. “Unfortunately with all the footage that is captured, not all of it makes it into the final cut. This just happened to not make it in there. Two, I did not apply for this while I was living with anybody else. I was out living on my own and I didn’t seek this out. I was actually reached out to over Instagram.”

Lutinski continued, “I’d already been out on my own for a number of weeks at that point. And I was asked if I would like to have a discussion around it. I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ And obviously it ended up leading to the show at some point.”

With his post, Lutinski included a screenshot of the DM soliciting his interest in the show.

Instagram post with a message from a casting producer for a Netflix show and a comment dismissing it as not a legitimate opportunity

The sixth season of Love is Blind is currently airing, with new episodes set to be released on Feb. 28 and a reunion special on March 13.

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