The Best Memes From Nicki Minaj's Billboard Tweetstorm

On Sunday, Nicki tweeted out her grievances over 'Queen' landing at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 under Travis Scott's 'ASTROWORLD,' and people online are having a lighthearted laugh.

Nicki Minaj VMAs
Image via Getty/Paras Griffin/VMN18
Nicki Minaj VMAs

When the Billboard 200 numbers rolled in on Sunday afternoon, Nicki Minaj headed straight to Twitter to air out her grievances over her No. 2 spot with Queen. Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD came out on top for the second week in a row, with the help of some sneaky merch tactics, and Minaj was left ranting and blaming everyone from Spotify to Kylie Jenner and her 6-month-old baby Stormi Webster.


Since then, Nicki claimed that she's not that pressed over the charts and that her rant is all “sarcasm,” but maintains that the numbers are a result of blackballing. Smokepurpp disagrees.

Unsurprisingly, this cultural moment is being amplified by the messy drama-lovers over at the MTV Video Music Awards, because they decided to seat Kylie and Travis right behind Nicki Minaj, per TMZ. Let’s see if “what’s good” Nicki pops out circa 2015.

Of course, all this drama became prime fodder for some memes. People are poking fun at Nicki’s mini meltdown, Stormi, and the MTV seating chart. It’s all love to Onika, but if you want a good laugh, look below.

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