Lil Tay’s Consultant Breaks Down Her Content Strategy on Social Media

The nine-year-old's consultant explained the method behind Lil Tay's viral character.

Yesterday, DJ Akademiksrevealed the truth about the “youngest flexer” on Instagram, nine-year-old Lil Tay. Her persona has been “exposed” in a viral video circulating the web, but there’s apparently a method to this madness, as a new report from The Blastreveals.

Alex Loyalty is a consultant for Lil Tay who advises Tay on her journey to viral fame. “From the surface it’s easy for the average viewer, reader or observer to make the wrong assumptions about Lil Tay but what they fail to realize is that the independent artist Lil Tay can be compared to any other youth artist or entertainer in the entertainment industry,” Loyalty told The Blast.

“She’s able to have a greater influence over her content because she promotes herself within her own platform rather than have her exact natural persona written up in a script, hired by a talent agency, and placed in a television show or movie,” Loyalty continued, which contradicts the aforementioned video of Tay being fed lines and told to act “more ignorant.”

Loyalty claims that things are not as hectic as they appear on our cell phones. The meeting between Lil Tay, Woah Vicky, and Bhad Bhabie was reportedly planned, though it devolved into a fight that later went viral. Still, Lil Tay was accompanied by her team and “safe at all times and in the presence of guardians, security and support.” The news that Lil Tay has constant supervision is not surprising though, considering her mother has been identified as the person behind the camera in a number of her videos.

Despite the backlash she’s currently facing, the young con artist will be moving full speed ahead and  “continuing to create motivating and entertaining content.” Loyalty even claims she’s “received hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand deal offers and even offers to appear in general youth entertainment.”

She’s also allegedly been hit up by other celebs looking to collab, including Jake Paul, Hanna Stocking, 6ix9ine, Chief Keef, Rich The Kid, and Blac Youngsta. So despite all the negative press, it seems like Lil Tay’s flex-filled persona isn’t going away anytime soon.

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