Watch Kevin Hart Roast Draymond Green Over His Eyebrows

Draymond Green's appearance on Kevin Hart's new show, 'Cold as Balls,' looks hilarious.

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Look, I'm all for the traditional media structure. I believe in athletes sitting down with sports journalists for interviews because, well, I am a sports journalist, and I don't want all my friends to lose their income. Also: objectivity, training, etc. But mainly the income thing.

I have to say, however, that Kevin Hart has killed it interviewing athletes and sports figures on his new show, Cold as Balls, which airs on his LOL Network YouTube channel. So far he's hosted episodes with LaVar Ball and Blake Griffin. The shows have averaged more than five millions views. It's a new take on sports talk, and it's clearly working.

The third installment of Cold as Balls drops Wednesday, and LOL Network provided Complex with an exclusive clip previewing the episode. This episode features Draymond Green, the chatty Warriors forward who competed with Hart in a three-point shootout at All-Star Weekend 2016. (I still contend that Hart deserved to win.)

Green and Hart are both hilarious and they have a long-standing, lighthearted rivalry, so it should come as no surprise that this episode looks promising. Check out the clip above.

Perhaps the funniest moment in the cold-tub-interview preview comes when Hart picks an unusual physical characteristic of Green's to roast. As Green, the three-time All-Star, talks about how people have slept on him at every point of his career, Hart asks, "Do you think it was because of your eyebrows?" 

"It was more so because of my body," Green responds, before audibly wondering what's wrong with his eyebrows. Green gets in a shot, too, though, coming at Hart for his 2002 film Paper Soldiers.

Check out the full episode on LOL's YouTube channel Wednesday.

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