Nathan Apodaca, the TikTok star who went viral after posting himself riding a skateboard while listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," has contracted COVID-19, TMZ reports

Apodaca's fiancée Estela Chavez has also tested positive for the coronavirus

Apodaca, who's username is doggface208, has reportedly been traveling a lot since his "Dreams" video, which featured him drinking Ocean Spray's cran-raspberry juice while skating on a Idaho highway, went viral. TMZ reports that Apodaca and Chavez took the COVID-19 test on Monday after experiencing symptoms once they returned from a trip to Los Angeles. Speaking to People, Gina Rodriguez, Apodaca's manager, said the entertainer has experienced coughing, congestion, headaches, a fever, and has been having difficulty breathing.

Apodaca took to social media to share a photo of his positive COVID-19 test result, writing, "Dis Bitch got me plz send prayers 🙏 appreciate you all stay blessed." He continued, "#ishallovercome #inthenameofjesus I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYERS SO THATS WHY I POSTED THIS THANKS FOR ALL THE 🙏  ."

Apodaca's next post was a video of him dancing to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

"It's just insane. I'm blessed and I'm happy that I'm being able to bless those around me," Apodaca told People back in November of his newfound fame and the thousands he received in donations. "I didn't ever think any of this would happen from the video. I'm just blessed that it is happening."