“I actually had Taraji P. Henson, Niecy Nash, Big Boy, [and] Ricky Smiley [reach out],” he said. “BET [posted] me. I'm just hoping that they can put me somewhere and we can all do something. Work together. All these people that are posting me, I want to meet all of them. I want to be at BET headquarters. I just want to work with everybody, so if the opportunity prevails, I will take it. I would love to work with Fashion Nova, BET, Netflix, those kind people.”

Durell also spoke on a surreal interaction he had with a cast member of Starz's P-Valley. “I've even spoken with Nicco (Annan), who plays Uncle Clifford on P-Valley, and Katori Hall, who writes it and orchestrates P-Valley,” he said. “Shout out to all of them. Basically, it was just us showing a bunch of love to each other. I didn't really speak on it. I was very nervous to speak to them.”

During our conversation, Durell teased that he'd be hitting the studio soon, although he wouldn't spill the beans on what he's cooking up. “I simply can't say because I don't really know myself," he admits. "Everything I do is improv. Who knows what I might do when I get up there? I might say something crazy that blows up again. You just never know.”