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It appears that Jay-Z is fine-tuning his executive producer chops.

According to Deadline, the rapper and businessman is reportedly planning to executive produce Netflix’s forthcoming thriller, Forty Acres, based on Dwayne Alexander Smith’s 2014 novel of the same name.

The film is still apparently in the development stages and is detailed as a fusion between Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Tom Cruise’s 1993 film The Firm. The outlet reports that Forty Acres tells the story of a civil rights attorney who has to fight for survival after enlisting in an elite Black organization with a stunning secret.

This is the second project that Hov has been brought on to executive produce in recent months. In August, it was announced that he would produce the impending six-part series Women Of the Movement, which was announced on the 65th anniversary of Emmett Till’s death. Slated to run on ABC, the series spotlights significant women in the civil rights movement, beginning with Till’s mother Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley and her journey to becoming an educator and activist as she sought justice for the racist murder of her son in 1955.

Forty Acres is just the latest endeavor that Jay-Z has signed on for. In the last month, he joined cannabis company TPCO as Chief Visionary Officer and partnered with climbing machine startup CLMBR.