On October 21, Jasmine Waters, known to many in the media world as Jas Fly, would have turned 40 years old. Unfortunately, Jas passed away this past June, leaving fans of her work (on everything from This Is Us to Vibe to reality shows like The Gossip Game, in which she starred), her peers, other creatives she'd interacted with—including Issa Rae and SZA—and her friends and family to tell her story. The irony? The woman who, among her many gifts, was able to put pen to pad and craft the stories that have made us laugh, cry, think, and feel is now not here to put together the pieces of her life so we can better understand what we had while she was still here.

What follows is an oral history in three acts. We chart Jas' beginnings in Illinois, and how she became enamored of film and how movies are made. That spark took Jas many places. Through the voices of her friends and family, as well as that of Jas herself (through podcast recordings, Tumblr posts, and interviews), we piece together the trail that Jas Fly blazed while she was on this Earth. This one's for you, Jas Fly. Go Cinderella.


Jean Threat - Mother, entrepreneur
Angel Cole Williams - Friend
Water5 - Brother, musician
Chris Morrow - Friend, author, podcast producer
Datwon Thomas - Friend, writer; Editor, Vibe 
Jamal Jimoh - Friend, digital marketer, co-host of JumpOffTV
Kazeem Famuyide - Friend, creative executive
Mr. Mecc - Friend, writer, editor; co-host of JumpOffTV
Kim Osorio - Friend, writer, editor; co-star of The Gossip Game
Jas Waters (aka Jas Fly) [posthumous, from interviews]