UPDATED 8/28 10:17 a.m. ET: Terry Crews has responded to the widespread blowback he received for attempting to disparage the beloved Magic City club in Atlanta. In a new tweet, Crews conceded that his tweet was "ill-timed." Crews, however, then attempted to discredit sex workers at large.

See original story from 8/27 below.

Terry Crews decided now is the time for him to call for a boycott of the beloved Magic City strip club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thursday morning, Crews—who was recently called out for his criticism of Black Lives Matter—tweeted out "BOYCOTT MAGIC CITY" and included the hashtag #blacklovematters.

The blowback to Crews' decision to attempt disparaging an Atlanta institution (also known for its wings) was swift, with many pointing out that it's particularly baffling that the America's Got Talent host and recent Rick Ross lyrical subject chose to eschew mentions of—among other things—recent acts of police brutality and natural disasters in favor of a message that falls firmly into the Who Asked For This? category.

Back in July, Crews' aforementioned Black Lives Matter comments resulted in an appearance on CNN during which Don Lemon took him to task for trying to discredit the movement. In response to Crews claiming there were "very militant-type forces" present among the activists, Lemon pushed back, noting the "apples and oranges" of it all.

"To people who don't want to make change, movements are seen as extreme," Lemon explained. "You can paint them easily as extreme when they are not."

As for Crews' latest headline-maker, people have responded by stepping up to defend Magic City, as well as strip clubs and sex workers at large, while noting Crews' recent history of similarly unhelpful commentary: