The final five episodes of Hot Ones: The Game Show Season 1 will begin their rollout on Tuesday night. 

As seen in the mini-teaser up top, the last batch of Season 1 entries will include at least one instance of a contestant threatening to engage in televised vomiting. Aside from that, fans can expect more victory-seeking tension and a range of savory sauces with no shortage of tongue-tickling heat.

As always, you can catch the latest Hot Ones: The Game Show episodes on truTV at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

For the more involved fan of the show, and/or its recently launched IG counterpart, there's still time to grab the Hot Ones Challenge Pack. The sauce pack ships free in the U.S. and includes the round one, two, and three sauces from the game show: the Brain Burner, the Eye of the Scorpion, and the Constrictor. It'll set you back a fair $60 and is currently available via the Heatonist site right here.

Below, catch the latest episode of the original iteration of Hot Ones via First We Feast. The guest is none other than Man Vs. Food star and Straight Up Tasty author Adam Richman, who sneaks in a Noel Gallagher impression during the 28-minute sauce marathon: