Sacha Baron Cohen, who's quite clearly been up to something hilarity-laden as of late, got longtime Republican dipshit Rudy Giuliani so worked up during his latest feat of comedic performance art that the former New York City mayor called the police.

Per Page Six, Giuliani—who now spends the bulk of his time engaging in Trumpian activities—headed to the Mark Hotel on Tuesday for what he was convinced was a "serious interview" about the Trump team's response to COVID-19. As anyone paying attention will note, the Trump team's response to said pandemic has been recklessly insufficient at best.

For the interview, Giuliani claims he was offered payment, which he chose to donate to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. The Cohen-crafted experience then kicked off with a woman interviewing him, followed shortly after by a guy later determined to be Cohen bursting into the room wearing a pink bikini "with lace" and a "translucent mesh top."

According to Giuliani, who conceded he did not immediately recognize Cohen, the comedian had entered the room "yelling and screaming." Giuliani decided to notify NYPD, with officers ultimately arriving at the scene. No arrests were made. Additional Page Six sources, meanwhile, added that Cohen was also witnessed running down 77th Street in a bathrobe.

In June, Cohen crashed a far-right rally in Washington state in disguise and got attendees to sing along to a racist made-up song about COVID-19 that mentioned Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and much more.