John Boyega continued to make it clear that there's a difference between Finn and his real-life persona. 

Since the killing of George Floyd, the British Nigerian actor has been using his social media platforms to broadcast his disdain for racists and condemn police brutality. As expected, Boyega faced backlash for his remarks, but this didn't stop him from standing in his truth.

On Monday, the Star Wars star continued the trend by telling trolls not to waste their energy trying to get him to highlight the plights of white people. He has since deleted the tweet.

"Don’t waste time tweeting 'you need to talk about police brutality against white people' go for one of your celeb coons for that," Boyega wrote before explaining that he's not the character they see on their movie screens. 

"That Star Wars movie got you lot all the way fucked up," his tweet continued. "I am staying on topic. We are addressing a specific issue."

Boyega  showed his solidary with protesters by tweeting out a graphic that informed them of what they should and shouldn't bring to rallies, along with a few follow-ups and several protest-oriented retweets. 

Here are a few of the posts Boyega shared with his 1.8 million followers: