Joe Exotic is reportedly quite adamant about getting some pardon-based attention from fellow reality TV concoction Donald J. Trump.

That's the latest from the stalwarts of importance over at TMZ, who reported very early Tuesday that Mr. Exotic—who rose to headline omnipresence thanks to the Netflix hit Tiger King—is said to have his legal team out of Fort Worth, Texas "preparing a case file" for Trump.

Exotic's legal team is reportedly arguing that he was wrongly convicted in connection with that whole Carole Baskin situation, with lawyers said to be claiming that they believe the tiger death-related charges were only brought against Exotic to influence the jury's opinion of him.

The pardoning campaign, as we all certainly should have expected, now also includes the existence of a giant bus wrapped with a message that reads "President Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic."

Depending on your tolerance level for the current timeline of humanity, you may or may not recall that Trump was fairly recently asked during a press conference—because apparently there's nothing more urgent going on at the moment—about the possibility of getting involved with matters of Exotic. 

In related news, Monday brought word that Nicolas Cage had been tapped to portray Joe Exotic in a new eight-episode scripted series. According to Variety, the surefire hit will be "taken to market in the coming days." 

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