The first season of Dead to Me concluded with a shocking death that left viewers with many questions. But thankfully for fans, the answers are coming soon. 

On Friday, Netflix released the Season 2 trailer for the Emmy-nominated series starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, who play Jen and Judy. The sophomore arc picks up where the first left off, as it follows the ride-or-dies attempting to conceal a dark secret from federal agents.

"No one can ever know what happened," Jen tells Judy in the trailer. "The FBI are good at connecting dots! And we are the dots."

Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman spoke about Season 2 during a 2019 interview with Thrillist, revealing fans would see a role reversal in the next chapter.

"When I pitched this idea, I had to pitch what the arc of Season 2 would be and how we would keep the stories going from there," Feldman said. "Aspects of it have changed because Season 1 grew as we wrote it. But I have some pretty fun and dark ideas for Season 2. [Judy and Jen's] relationship has only gotten more complicated. They're in a bit of a role reversal, but more than that, in some pretty fucked up ways, they need each other now more than they ever did. That was, for me, the selling point of how we ended Season 1. Instead of it being Judy who has a secret, now they have a secret together."

The dark comedy returns to Netflix with 10 episodes on May 8. Season 2 also stars James Marsden, Diana Maria Riva, Natalie Morales, Valerie Mahaffey, Sam McCarthy, and Luke Roessler.