Blueface is living life on the edge. Not only did the rapper ignore all social distancing guidelines by hosting a party at his home, but the function turned violent when several attendees got into fights. 

On Saturday, the rapper decided to throw a party at his California home. He documented the gathering on his Instagram, showing a slew of beautiful women dressed in bikinis enjoying themselves. Per TMZ, the women were there to shoot a music video. But at some point, things went left. 

As seen in Blueface's Instagram Stories, the gathering quickly dissolved into a fight between the women. Two women began to strike each other, and one woman even got her wig pulled off. 

Several theories are floating around as to why the women were fighting. The internet's curiosity prompted Blueface to comment on the situation. He explained that a lot of liquor was involved during the shoot, which led to the commotion.

"They were not fighting over me," Blueface wrote on his Instagram Story. "it was a lot of henny mixed with alil atitude I have not had relations with any of these women no one was being racist more than half of the people here was black so if you that your to invested in the internet alil to much."

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