Ayesha Curry is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. 

Per the Associated Press, the wife of Golden State superstar Steph Curry is being sued for more than $10 million by Flutie Entertainment. According to the company's owner, Robert Flutie, Curry signed a contract with Flutie Entertainment in November 2014 with an eye toward building herself up as a global brand.

During her time as a client, Curry created a career as a celebrity chef. She had a show on Food Network for two seasons, Ayesha's Home Kitchen, and was the host of The Great American Baking Show for a season. Curry also has her own line of cookware and multiple cookbooks. 

Robert Flutie claims his company helped Curry "realize her vision of becoming a current and modern-day version of Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray." Yet in 2019, she parted ways with Flutie Entertainment. In doing so, she allegedly tried to stop the company from receiving "all profits and ownership equity of things she created during her time as a Flutie client." This prompted Flutie Entertainment to file its $10 million lawsuit against the former client.

Flutie Entertainment also wants 50 percent interest in Ayesha's Yardie Girl production company as well as a stake in her homeware brand which includes a website and e-commerce business. Curry has yet to respond publicly to the lawsuit.