Ayesha Curry takes on many roles in her every day life: television host, entrepreneur, restaurant mogul, CoverGirl model, and mother and wife. The 28-year-old is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, and yet she isn't really down with being referred to as the title she is most known for. 

In a recent interview with ABC's Nightline, Curry said that she would rather not be referred to as an "NBA wife." “I don’t think I’ll ever call myself that,” she said. 

Curry has been married to the Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry for almost seven years now, but the two have known each other since their early teens. Their marriage in July of 2011 marked the culmination of years of friendship that had blossomed into love. Along the way, Curry and her husband have experienced the birth of their two daughters, Riley and Ryan, NBA championships and have continuously been each others support systems throughout their respective careers. 

In her most recent accomplishment, Curry is celebrating the opening of the third location of her restaurant franchise International Smoke in San Francisco alongside famed chef Michael Mina​. Do not call her a basketball wife.“I mean, I don’t think my husband would call himself 'chef’s wife.'” Touché, Ayesha.