With the potentially society-disrupting fuckery known as the coronavirus continuing to maintain its grip on the national discourse, it was only a matter of time before Jimmy Kimmel and company started interviewing people on the streets of Hollywood about it.

For a mini-edition of his Pedestrian Question segment, Kimmel—who preceded the clip with a rundown of recent COVID-19 developments—asked passersby to reveal what they presently know about the health matter.

"Everyone now seems to think they're an expert on the coronavirus, me included," Kimmel said when introducing the clip at the 6:00 mark above. "I know everything. I get in a group of people and I speak as if I have been a professor of immunology at Stanford for 35 years. Everybody seems to know at least something about this now. And knowledge, as you know, is power."

The Pedestrian Question-ing, Kimmel added, was part of the show's effort to "spread around" that knowledge. The resulting clip sees one individual boldly declaring that they "know that it's bad," some cow-obsessed guy rattling on about how childhood ingestion of cattle cubes and licked salt means "you're safe," and much more. If you must, watch that via the video up top.

And on the distressing (but not exactly surprising) topic of people speaking on shit of which they possess next to zero knowledge, coronavirus-inspired misinformation has been running rampant in recent weeks. The Facebook-perpetuated problem ranges from the humorous—snorting coke as a cure, for example—to the downright stupid, i.e. bioweapon talk.

Let's keep our heads about us, yeah?