Like Tom Hanks before him, Idris Elba is giving social media updates to fans since he was diagnosed with coronavirus because, well, what the hell else are they going to do? They're in quarantine. 

In an apparent effort to cope with the isolation, Elba released a song/music video called "The Long Road 2." The lyrical content is about, duh, his diagnosis and the fact that his illness is very real compared to his acting day job. 

On Twitter, he posted the video with a caption saying that making the video was "passing the time." He also thanked fans for support.

On Instagram, which houses the longer/complete version, he posted a caption that said, “Creating is living right now. Music therapy.”

As it begins, he talks about his self-quarantine.

“I guess it’s time to do a direct talk / Feels appropriate right now I guess,” Elba said, according to a transcription done by HuffPost. “Yeah sitting in the spare room quarantined, you know what I mean / Just letting out some thoughts.”

The song goes on to talk about how everyone in the world's dealing with it, and we now live in a world where a "handshake" can fuck up your life. He also shows a sense of humor around the 1:40 mark. 

On Monday, Elba revealed that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and said that he'd be updating fans on how he's doing. 

A day later, during a livestream, Elba said Tom Hanks' public reveal inspired him to talk about his current health scare also. He said it was important to be transparent, saying that he's “worried people aren’t talking to each other about it.” On Friday, he also denied rumors that he was in intensive care by saying he's "fine," that news to the contrary is "fake," and that he still "hasn't shown symptoms," for which he's grateful.