Netflix was kind enough to invade Pete Davidson's "apartment/basement in my mom's house" for a new video complementing the recent release of his new stand-up special Alive From New York.

"We are in my apartment/basement in my mom's house in Staten Island," Davidson explains at the beginning of the five-minute apartment tour, which fittingly begins with the frustrated re-lighting of a blunt. "I moved here, like, a year ago and built this weird little basement to stay away from fuckin' people."

From there, Davidson gives viewers a proper tour of the space, complete with a "porno bathroom with a porno shower" and some items of the "dead dad shit" variety.

"Here's a good picture of my dad, probably all coked up on a roof somewhere with his boys," Davidson jokes at one point, echoing a portion of his stand-up special in which he recalls meeting up with some friends of his late father, a firefighter who died on 9/11.

Other highlights include a commemorative Uncut Gems basketball display complete with his own uncut gem, which is actually just a rock due to his friend being a "cheap fuck," as well as gifts from friend John Mulaney and a large faux extraterrestrial named Kevin.

"Come back again in four years when you pay me again to do another special," Davidson says near the end of the clip, which can be seen in full up top.

Netflix's Alive From New York, released earlier this week, has expectedly spawned multiple headlines based on some of the more revealing aspects of the material. For example, Davidson walked back an apology to a Republican in an eye patch he now says he "kinda got forced" to do.