This is one of those weaker times of year; the bigger name new movies and TV shows haven't really popped off yet, so you're going to have to dig for fire content—or at least be a little more adventurous. Sure, Curb is still on and is still great, but the majority of this week's selections aren't being dissected at the water cooler like that.

Well, let me take that back; folks seem to really be into The Outsider, and if you need a scare, this will do the trick. Also up is Al Pacino's TV debut on the Jordan Peele-produced Hunters, as well as one of the more slept-on films that critics are enamored with, Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Like we said, take a chance (or three).

Here's a look at the best new movies and television shows that dropped this week. Scroll down and plan accordingly.

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