Eight years ago, Morgan and Mason McGrew were just kids when they started out on creating a stop-motion animation shot-for-shot remake of the third installment in the Toy Story franchise with the use of iPhones. Toy Story 3 IRL became a passion project for the McGrew brothers, who call the 2010 Pixar film "hands down our favorite film of all time." 

Their journey started with creating a life-sized replica of Andy's room, complete with the toys used in the film, and a meticulous approach to every little detail from the words circled on the white board next to Andy’s desk to the finish of the hardwood floor. "It took about 2 years of work, but it was totally worth it," the McGrew brothers wrote on their Tumblr page. "It’s the room that most of us grew up wishing we had." Eight years later, Toy Story 3 IRL is finally finished and can be viewed on YouTube.  

The final product is something that has left many thoroughly impressed. 

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