Chester Hanks Chet Haze demonstrated some Chet Hazing at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Chet, who was in attendance in support of his father Tom Hanks' Cecil B. DeMille Award honoring and was famously slammed a few years back for his use of the n-word, inspired a wave of tweeted commentary of varying degrees of hilarity due in large part to the red carpet scenario embedded below.

While it's not entirely clear why he did any of that, the 29-year-old Chet did address the ensuing news coverage of his Globes attendance in an Instagram post Monday morning. Specifically criticizing CNN, Chet pointed to the possibility of another world war as being something more worthy of attention. He also shared a photo of himself seemingly utilizing what may or may not be a Globes trophy as a makeshift telephone of sorts.

Theoretically, all of this could simply be a wholly planned and press-manipulating play for publicity. Still, the discourse continues.

Later, Chet doubled down on his patois use:

Aside from his Chet Haze music days, Tom's son is also known for his recent spots on TV series including Empire and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Back in 2018, he addressed his past use of the n-word by blaming it on drug use and trolling.

"I did the ultimate lame thing," he said on an episode of the Red Pill podcast that year. "I did the ultimate cornball thing. And that shit wasn’t cool."

Anyway, the Tom Hanks portion of Sunday night's ceremony is actually well worth a read and/or a watch. Do that instead.