More details about the PlayStation 5 have arrived.

On Monday, during CES 2020, Sony unveiled the brand new logo for their upcoming video game console and it looks extremely familiar. 

Say hello to the new logo for Sony's PS5:

— IGN (@IGN) January 7, 2020

Fans took to social media to point said familiarity out and roast the logo.

Sony's lead graphic designer coming up with the #PS5 logo#SonyCES

— chris trenary (@bagel_chris) January 7, 2020

PS5 logo is revolutionary

— Cyranek (@Cyranek) January 7, 2020

Jim Ryan at CES: we’re excited to share our new logo for PS5

— Liam Allen-Miller (@RSSLiam) January 7, 2020

The funniest part of the PS5 logo being identical to the PS4 logo is you *know* there were HOURS of meetings and discussions and notes and follow up calls and approvals for this design

— Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) January 7, 2020

Great to see that totally new #PS5 logo. Must have taken ages. #PlayStation5

— Dan Grabham (@dangrabham) January 7, 2020

Look at all these dicks taking pics of the PS5 logo looking exactly like the PS4.

— Dave Weasel (@DaveWeasel) January 7, 2020

Sony be like: #PS5

— Glint (@wasntJake) January 7, 2020

Others were cool with the logo taking cues from past consoles.

The new PS5 logo is simple and familiar. Tells me that they don't need to fix what's not broken and just keep doing what they do best. No mixed messages here.

— Brian 🏆 (@PS4_Trophies) January 7, 2020

People talking about how bad the PS5 logo is...but it...looks like how it always

— Jade☄ (@Wildbergerrrr) January 7, 2020

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2020.

PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020: #PS5

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 8, 2019

The new console will feature 3D audio, haptics and adaptive triggers, ultra-high speed SSD, hardware-based ray tracing, and an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player.

Sony unveiled a “not so surprising” PS5 logo with “not so surprising” already mentioned features at CES 2020.


— Erin Ashley Simon (@erinasimon) January 7, 2020

Stay tuned for additional details about the console, such as pricing and a more concrete release date.