Empire actor Bryshere Gray was questioned by police about an incident at a 7-Eleven in Orlando, with a new report breaking down the differing accounts from involved parties regarding what's been described as a "food fight."

According to Gray, the disagreement began when a 7-Eleven employee allegedly blamed him for spitting in the store. That spitting, per a new TMZ report, is alleged by Gray to have been the work of someone he was with at the time, not him. Gray also said he tried to clean up after that person, only to end up having something thrown at him inside the store by the employee.

On the way out of the store, Gray said he tossed a bag of chips at the employee in retaliation, noting that he believes security footage of the moment will back up his claims of how it all went down. The employee, however, has argued that security footage will actually show a different order of events. She claims Gray was the one who spit inside the store, further alleging that he "cussed her out and threw stuff" first. Though no arrests were made, the 7-Eleven employee is reportedly intending to press charges against Gray for the incident.

Gray, whose other recent credits include Sprinter and Canal Street, has not addressed any of this on social media.

Back in September, Empire kicked off its sixth and final season with the Sanaa Hamri-directed episode "What Is Love." New episodes launch later this year.