If the interior of your home is meant to reflect your personality, then we need to talk about the L.A. villa that Dr. Phil recently put up on the market.

Located in Beverly Crest, the house, which was purchased by Dr. Phil in 2007, appears to be like every other home in the area with its yellow walls and a clay tile roof, but once you step foot into the 6,170-square-foot interior, things get a bit weird. 

You will need a moment to take in everything that's going on in the living room alone, but if there's one aspect that just pops out at you, it's the collection of guns against the white backdrop. What? You never wanted to enjoy your morning bowl of cereal and just admirably gaze up at your wide array of rifles?

The entrance features the welcoming sight of a nicely yellow framed photo of a bear with the word "FUCK" across the middle.

There's just so much to pick apart from these photos.

The home, which was being lived in by Dr. Phil's 28-year-old son Jordan, has an asking price of $5.75 million.